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Malware Targeting Adobe, Social Sites in 2010 (

Security player McAfee runs down its picks for malware creators’ highest-priority targets in the coming year.

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Google Chrome OS: Hot Target for Hackers in 2010 (PC World)

Google’s operating system, announced in July and released as open-source in November, will likely attract attention from hackers due to its status as “new kid on the block,” predicts one security researcher.

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Adobe Flash To Be Top Hacker Target In 2010 (Slashdot)

An anonymous reader writes “Adobe Systems’ Flash and Acrobat Reader products will become the preferred targets for criminal hackers (PDF) in 2010, surpassing Microsoft Office applications, a security vendor predicted this week. ‘Cybercriminals have long picked on Microsoft products due to their popularity. In 2010, we anticipate Adobe software, especially Acrobat Reader and Flash, will take the …

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Blio: Ray Kurzweil Reinvents the Book (Wired News)

Ray Kurzweil, whose Singularity theory has become a cult hit, gets into the e-book fray by launching a new free e-reader software designed for PCs and iPhones.

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More attacks expected on Facebook, Twitter in 2010 (CNET)

McAfee Labs 2010 Threat Predictions report warns of increased attacks on social networks, as well as Adobe Reader and Google’s Chrome OS.

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Adobe to be Prime Target for Malware in 2010 (PC World)

McAfee released its “2010 Threat Predictions” report, which predicts that Adobe will surpass Microsoft as the target of choice for malware attacks in 2010.

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The Five Essential Security Patches of 2009 (PC World)

If you install just five updates this year, these are the ones you need, security experts say.

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Torrent Search Engines Unlawful, U.S. Judge Says (Wired News)

A U.S. judge for the first time said BitTorrent search engines are unlawful and are akin to Napster and Grokster. The operator of defendant site ISO Hunt vowed appeal.

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