Bet Notes – All Your Betting System Notes In One Place!

my betting information from various systems and spreadsheets into Bet Notes, but now that I have all the information in one place it means that I can now dedicate more of my time to the betting decision making proces

Link to relevant website – one of your favourite systems/methods might have a constantly updated web site, so there is a field for you to have a link to that web site, and access it via one click in the softwar

Bet Notes allows you to configure up to 5 of your favourite web sites, so that with one click on the header bar you can quickly view those favourites of your

Bet Notes’ simple and easy to use one-screen software allows you to summarise all of your betting systems into one interface, saving you loads of time thumbing through pages and pages of e-books and PDF

Would you like to have all that key information available to you in a simple one-screen software application?

You might have several different horse racing or football (soccer) systems that you use, but want to quickly make your selections without having to search through pages and pages of information.

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