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Open Source OCR That Makes Searchable PDFs

An anonymous reader writes “In my job all of our multifunction copiers scan to PDF but many of our users want and expect those PDFs to be text searchable. I looked around for software that would create text searchable pdfs but most are very expensive and I couldn’t find any that were open source (free). I did find some open source packages like CuneiForm and Exactimage that could in theory do …

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Adobe puts PDF reader in quarantine

Adobe provides its beleaguered PDF reader with sandbox technology to thwart exploits. “This is coming out in the next major release”, reveals Brad Arkin, head of security at Adobe, to Webwereld.

Excerpt from: Adobe puts PDF reader in quarantine

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Sumatra PDF Viewer

Sumatra PDF is an ideal program for quickly reading PDF files. It is both small and fast. Installation is simple and it is even possible to run it from a folder with no installation using the .zip download . A PortableApps version is also available.

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EWriter Pro: Professional Ebook And Article Creation Software.

“Add the utility of the ebook & article buttons and easy-to-find and use backup problems with a reminder – this has got to be darn close to ideal for rapid turn around of articles and ebooks.”

Why not use E-Writer Pro to edit that book or article?

After reading many forums and people asking how to create hyperlinks and pdfs, I decided to offer this software that makes it easier than ever to make that money making content we all dream o

One Good E-book can make you a small fortune and in that E-book can be easily filled with your own links back to other products you are selling or to affiliate products you promot

Insertion Screen – Just as with the E-Book editor you have all the Insert features you need to create a great articles time after time.

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Future Health Now! Dr. Carolyn Dean’s 48-Week Total Wellness Program.

Sunday morning, once you enter and confirm your email address you’ll receive instant access to Module One of Future Health Now! .

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We were required to complete third year American medical board exams to pass our second year.

Each week I’ll send you excerpts from the program, giving you small action items you can take to experience more energy, a stronger body and less stres

Sleeping Without the Electricity: At night the natural electrical and magnetic activity dancing between our cells slows down.

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Step-by-step Affiliate Marketing Beginner Course.

Why? Because I’ve created an affiliate marketing home study course for beginners that teaches solid, ethical, and proven techniques for making money online to people who have NO experience in online marketing or creating web sites.

I’m happy to say that it’s likely lower than you’re thinking.

What was missing was basic, detailed, step-by-step instruction for those who have no web background whatsoever or who may lack confidence in their ability to build a web site or learn how to make money from hom

And don’t forget the money-back guarantee: If after completing the lessons in this course, you are unable to make money, I will give you a 100% refun

2. As I alluded to earlier, I hate hype the canned, “sincere” voices of marketers who, out of the goodness of their heart, are offering a ONCE IN A LIFETIME opportunity that ends at midnight and will NEVER, EVER be offered again so you must decide IMMEDIATELY but if you try to leave they shout WAIT!!!!! ARE YOU REALLY, REALLY, DOUBLE-TRIPLE SURE YOU WANT TO FOOLISHLY REFUSE THIS ABSOLUTELY WONDERFANTASTERRIFIC OFFER THAT WOULD SOLVE ALL YOUR FAMILY’S MONEY PROBLEMS WITHIN THE NEXT 24 HOURS IF YOU WOULD JUST CLICK OUR BUY NOW BUTTON WHICH FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE IS THE SIZE OF ICELAND?????

When you work from home it doesn’t matter where you live or where you travel, as long as you have an Internet connectio

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A Real Art Lesson, Downloadable PDF E-book By Artist Delmus Phelps.

I’ve put some of my work here in order for you to appreciate the style of painting that I do, and the type of paintings that this technique and a real art lesson will allow you to create!

You will be stress free and overcome with the bliss of the creative process while applying paint, mixing paint, blending paint on the canvas and the palett

The hard cover volumn for this book sells for up to $88 on Amazon, but for a limited time, you can get this PDF version downloaded to your computer for free!

I’ve been painting for over 35 years, (my first commissioned sale was in 1974!) and along the way, I’ve learned a great many things that I would like to pass along to you!

I explain what they are for, what works for me, what other artists use and works for them.

The primary difference of course is the amount of photos, and a much more in-depth explanation, step by step, of paint application, corrections, blending.

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Easy Viral PDF Brander.

Based on the infamous ‘Viral Marketing’ concept ? The Easy Viral PDF Rebrander is all about making it as easy as pie for you to create a product SO valuable that people are fighting hand over fist to share your maketing message with everyone they kno

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Integrate the rebrander form into any website , even putting it in paid download pages or members areas and charging for rebrander access stuffing your pockets with cash

Use the software to sweeten the pot by allowing affiliates to add their own affiliate ids and PROFIT from your amazing messag

Makes recruiting affiliates to promote your products and earn you money 24 hours a day-7 days a week, a breez

This first-class PDF-creation tool is not only 100% compatible with Easy Viral PDF Brander, but it also is one of the easiest PDF creators to use.

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Finally, Newbies Can Use Rights Products & Create A Complete Biz Site!

Even if you don’t know the difference between MRR, RR or PLR, you will when you start this course, and more importantly, you’ll know how to get your MRR (or PLR) product ready to market and you’ll be able to have your own online business website set up, complete with a product that’s ready for sales in a surprisingly short amount of time!

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I’ve even had it ‘ newbie-tested ‘ by people who aren’t web-savvy in order to make absolutely sure there was nothing confusing for a newbie and that nothing was left out, so that regardless of your knowledge or expertise – you will be able to understand and put this simple, proven system to work in your own business.

That’s what I’m sharing with you, my complete step-by-step easy to do system from beginning to end… and even including a few free traffic tips, because without traffic, the prettiest site on the web won’t have very many (if any) visitor

If you believe there is a quick, fast way to making millions online, then you better just hang onto your ‘day job’ because you’re not yet ‘wired’ for real online success as long as you believe that online success can be achieved with no effort whatsoeve

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The E-Cookbooks Library.

Time For Pie (894 pie recipes) Fantastic Fudge! (238 fudge recipes) The Ultimate Cake Book (1000 cake recipes) Insider’s Recipes (418 copycat recipes) The Complete Beef Cookbook (185 beef recipes) Pasta Perfetta (264 pasta recipes) The Sweet Shop (88 candy recipes) Ice Cream Delights (184 ice cream recipes) Joy of Canning (270 canning recipes) Ultimate Cheesecakes (308 cheesecake recipes) The Hog Wild Cookbook (211 pork recipes) Is It Soup Yet? (198 soup recipes) Delicious Beginnings (77 appetizer recipes) Low-Carb Recipe Secrets (132 low carb recipes) The Grill Master (212 grilling recipes) Holiday Magic (250 holiday recipes) The Cookin’ Cajun (51 cajun recipes) The Essential Seafood Cookbook (207 recipes) Casserole Crazy (402 casserole recipes) A Taste Of China (106 chinese recipes) Cast Iron Cooking (320 recipes) The Greek Kitchen (87 Greek recipes) The Salad Master (149 salad recipes) Camping Cookouts (52 camping recipes) Good Eats! (84 various recipes) Jewish Home Cuisine (112 Jewish recipes) The Best Of Amish Cooking (65 Amish recipes) Soul Food Recipes (241 soul food recipes) God Bless Texas (105 Tex-Mex recipes) Eva’s Kitchen Confidence (266 pages) Old Fashioned Family Recipes (96 various recipes) Bartending Made Easy (44 pages) Gifts In A Jar (102 gift recipes) For The Love Of Zucchini (226 zucchini recipes) The Oktoberfest Cookbook (48 German recipes) Popcorn ‘N More (54 popcorn recipes) The Versatile Egg Cookbook (103 egg recipes) Cooking With Burt Wolf (126 various recipes) Healthy Gourmet Recipes (105 healthy recipes) Generations of Recipes (180 pages) The Goulish Gourmet (48 Halloween recipes) Now We’re Cooking!

How it works: The E-Cookbooks Library is a members only sit

Return to the library at any time and get more – this is a lifetime

? Easy Search – Have your computer do your work for you!

? Luggage Free – No matter where you are in the world,

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