How To Fix Your Slow Computer.

HOW TO FIX YOUR SLOW COMPUTER shows you step by step, with diagrams and pictures, using only freeware , how to systematically repair the errors,improve the performance and make it as fast as it has ever been by getting rid of slow boots, sluggish and funny behavior, virii, malware and system failures..

When you buy the book you’ll find a link on the download page to a page where there is a ton of free stuff you can choose from and download whatever pleases you.

Not only defrag the hard drives, but optimize the file placement, placing the most used files in the fast lane for optimal loading time.

In this book I will not only show you the exact steps the specialist would have taken, I also show you how to keep it at top performance after it has been fixe

The Registry is the nervous system of your PC and if it gets damaged, Windows is going to start experiencing critical error

Here’s what Monica says: Tom, I had just started applying the first steps set out in the first chapter of your book and made a backup as you described it, when my computer’s hard drive started giving problems and I lost a lot of data, amongst which, all the emails in my computer’s inbo

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