How To Interpret Your Dreams.

Remember, your dreams are working to solve problems or questions in your life, and where they are still struggling to do this (those dreams where you make no progress!) you can move ahead of your dream by interpreting the symbols to find a solution for yourself.

This easy to read, easy to print, easy to follow, step-by-step, practical guide to accurately interpreting your dreams is an absolute winner: Read testimonials here!

Sandi, Adult Women’ Dream Therapy Group, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canad

Step-by-step you’ll discover how to solve questions, problems or tasks in your life, and how to use the endings of your dream stories to create the kind of endings (results) you WANT to have in your life.

Because I recommend Jane Teresa’s teach-yourself workbook “How to Interpret Your Dreams” to all my clients I have been able to personally witness their pleasure over making their own personal breakthroughs in life.”

World renowned dream expert, Jane Teresa Anderson BSc Hons, is the author of five paperback books on dreams including her best-seller, DREAM ALCHEMY , and several popular e-books.

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