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Complete Guide To Successful Selling On eBay(R) Motors.

So thru my ebook ” Complete Easy Guide to Successful Selling on eBay Motors “, my home study courses, my members only web sites (filled with eBay, eBay Motors and selling secrets) and even private, one-on-one coaching I want YOU to see the LIGHT AT AT THE END OF THE TUNNE

eBay Power Seller , eBay Certified Internet Sales Manager , eBay Trading Assistant eBay Educational Specialist (trained by eBay).

Where to find cars to sell: Find cars thru friends/acquaintances; Dealers who have excess inventories; run inexpensive ads in local and car club publications; Local mechanics, etc..

I say all this to let you know that I am recognized as an expert in selling vehicles (and parts) and selling vehicles (and parts) on eBay Motors.

I don’t have tons of cash to get started; Listings start at $20. And finally I spent a lot of time helping you through the most important issues that can determine your success or failure.

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