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Arbor Books Publishing Sees EBooks Replacing Paperbacks

Just a few short years ago, the avid reader who wanted convenience and savings would wait for desirable titles to appear in paperback. It was cheap and as easy as going to the grocery store. Now, eBooks are making paperbacks obsolete-and no trip to the grocery or bookstore is needed. With various new eReaders hitting the market, Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes & Noble’s Nook, Apple’s iPad-simply hit download and in less than a minute you have the convenience of a new book to read while cuddling in your favorite armchair. As an added bonus, instead of books piled on your dresser or collecting dust on your shelves, you can store thousands of titles on your eReader.

Larry Leichman, owner of Arbor Books Publishing, a leading ghostwriter and designer of eBooks, believes everything will soon go digital in a matter of a few years. Just the way music downloads have become the norm with music listeners, the same trend toward electronic publishing will soon hook book lovers as well. And the statistics back this up. According to Amazon.com, eBook sales have already surpassed hardcover sales and will surpass paperback sales in 2011. Paperbacks have always sold more copies because of their lower cost, but without that advantage they are disappearing from the marketplace.

According to industry statistics, eBook sales have skyrocketed in the last ten years because of improved eBook readers and ease of downloads. The Association of American Publishers estimates that physical book sales generated $24.3 billion in 2008, down 3% from 2007. Self-published and ghostwritten books, however, are increasing in number.

Here are 10 reasons why eBooks are the new paperbacks:

* eBook sales are growing exponentially.

* eBooks offer authors a much heftier royalty, making them more attractive to independent self-publishers

* eBooks are very cheap to buy; prices start at $.99.

* With today’s improved electronic readers, eBooks have the advantage of go-anywhere practicality and durability.

* Publishers are reluctantly embracing eBooks and may already be thinking about abandoning traditional paperback and hard cover divisions in favor of eBook production.

* EBooks are so cheap to mass produce-it’s as simple as copying a master computer file-that the relatively huge cost of printing paperbacks and hard cover books may no longer make sense.

* Kindle and iPad sales are skyrocketing as readers discover that their high purchase prices are still lower than the total cost of the many paperback books they will read.

* A younger generation, already accustomed to downloading and a digital world, will expect content in electronic form, just as their parents saw paperbacks as the avenue to cheaper content.

So if you’ve been reluctant to make the switch to eBooks, now’s the best time of all to give them a try and join the revolution.

Originally posted here: Arbor Books Publishing Sees EBooks Replacing Paperbacks

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