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E-Book Publishing Standards

The business of eBooks is booming and it is important to know how this affects the paper book industry and how commonly used publishing practices can be applied to electronic media. The problem is mostly one of perception. Anyone can write up something on the internet, call it an eBook, and sell it on the internet, which is an unfortunate thing for readers, writers, or publishers. If eBooks are to gain any sort of standing among printed books, the perception of eBooks needs to be one of a source of entertainment and information, instead of just a computer file.

Every book that has appeared in print has an ISBN (International Standard Book Numbering) designation. Each book has its own 10-digit ISBN code. The numbers in the code are separated into groups that identify it by country and publisher. It is the only data needed to identify a book in most bookstores. It will always be a unique identifier, since it is never used again once issued to a book.

The reason this sort of designation is important is because it is known and trusted in the publishing world. For eBooks to gain the same level of trust that printed books enjoy, along with a higher market share, they should voluntarily adopt standards similar to those the paper book publishers employ.

Paper books will be around forever, more than likely. People are used to them and they are easier to deal with in many respects. They follow a familiar pattern – front cover, back cover, certain pages before the actual text of the book begins, and so forth. EBooks that wish to be accepted like paper books need to follow this standard as well. The closer the resemblance to paper books, the better.

A book that is printed starts with a manuscript. This manuscript is sent to a publisher and goes through a strenuous editing process before it is finally printed. All the books in the bookstore have been through this process. EBooks suffer because they do not necessarily have to go through the same steps that a printed book must travel. Digital books need to set that same standard in order to achieve acceptance and escape the impression of being amateur work.

Standards in book publication also include standards in marketing. Before purchasing a physical book, a reader can browse it, examine the format and style, and see if it is appealing or not. An eBook can establish that same feeling by using some standards of display.

Most eBooks only allow a browser to see the title and author, or just a table of contents, or just a limited excerpt. That does not show how the book will look. The readers cannot even see what they are buying. No one will buy a book like that, especially if it is the same price as a printed book.

It is to the benefit of all eBook writers and publishers to adhere to certain voluntary standards of eBook publication. It has to be voluntary, because willing participation is vital for eBook publication to reach the prestige it deserves.

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Boost Your Online Income With PDF ebook publishing

Article writers have recently discovered the earning potential of producing and selling digital books. Some webmasters have started offering eBooks either for free or for sale in addition to Internet marketing initiatives they have been applying to promote their business. You can choose to create digital books yourself or hire writers to do it for you.

The key to successful PDF ebook publishing is to writing about topics people want to read about. You must have the analytical thinking skills as well to predict which topics are likely to be hot with each season. How do you know which topics would interest your target readers?

Tip #1

Run the Google keywords research tool to find out which topics are most popular within a given time. Other websites such as Technorati and Twitter display trending information as to the most discussed topics within the blogging and micro-blogging community. This should give you an idea on what to write about.

Tip #2

Of course, you can search for eBooks to know about which ones are most in-demand today. Visit websites that specialize on PDF ebook publishing and selling. You are likely to see which of their products have the highest demand. Produce eBooks that are patterned after the best-selling ones.

Tip #3

Be updated in the latest entertainment and world news. If something interesting comes up, write an eBook about the event or about a topic related to the event right away and your product is sure to be a bestseller. Advertise your eBook on your website to invite more traffic. Make sure your eBooks are informative, well-written, and thoroughly researched.

Dr. Eswara Ramanan is the author of this article. You can use this article for your website with all the links are intact.

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PDF ebook publishing – Top 5 Advantages

Now that you know how easy it is to become an author, you should also be contemplating about publishing your writing efforts and eventually turn the whole thing into a success. Being an author of a book is not enough; content needs to be distributed to the audience or certain goals should be achieved like sales if you intend to do business.

One of the best alternatives to publish a book is through PDF ebook publishing; it lets you enjoy advantages that print publishing cannot provide:

PDF ebook publishing is cost effective

Compared to publishing a book by print, PDF ebook publishing is way cheaper. When an author’s ebook is already published, there is no recurring expense for overheads unlike print mediums. Electronic book publishing lets you produce as many copies as you want whereas a print book requires you to pay for every page that you produce.

Tidy and fast turnaround process

We know how long it takes to submit and release a traditional book, it ranges several months to a year before it can finally be allowed for sale. The process of publishing an ebook is easy and faster than several months. You don’t need to go through the hassle of submitting your manuscript repeatedly. PDF ebook publishing can even be rushed depending on the type and quality that you wanted to achieve.

Electronic reading devices are trending

The number of people reading from their electronic devices is constantly increasing, thus the demand for ebooks is also rising. Electronic devices are easy to transport and they feature more storage and function capabilities.

There are long term benefits on eBooks

When you have published an eBook you give your readers a chance to go back to your contact info such as your website, your email or your social network profile. This benefit gives your readers a convenient way to contact you for product inquiries and business as well.

EBooks are easy to update

If you need to improve or update your work, then the eBook is your winner because you can always update it and your subscribers instantly gets the updated version on their systems.

These five advantages of publishing an eBook make a better way for an author to achieve their goals and for the readers to comfortably access information. Thus PDF ebook publishing promotes the benefits of accessibility, usability, portability and social media capability because they are easy to share and utilize for other means.

2PDF ebook publishing is an online resource guide for authors to conveniently and affordable distribute their work for any purpose. Learn great information or interact with the community to discuss anything about self publishing.

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Arbor Books Publishing Sees EBooks Replacing Paperbacks

Just a few short years ago, the avid reader who wanted convenience and savings would wait for desirable titles to appear in paperback. It was cheap and as easy as going to the grocery store. Now, eBooks are making paperbacks obsolete-and no trip to the grocery or bookstore is needed. With various new eReaders hitting the market, Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes & Noble’s Nook, Apple’s iPad-simply hit download and in less than a minute you have the convenience of a new book to read while cuddling in your favorite armchair. As an added bonus, instead of books piled on your dresser or collecting dust on your shelves, you can store thousands of titles on your eReader.

Larry Leichman, owner of Arbor Books Publishing, a leading ghostwriter and designer of eBooks, believes everything will soon go digital in a matter of a few years. Just the way music downloads have become the norm with music listeners, the same trend toward electronic publishing will soon hook book lovers as well. And the statistics back this up. According to Amazon.com, eBook sales have already surpassed hardcover sales and will surpass paperback sales in 2011. Paperbacks have always sold more copies because of their lower cost, but without that advantage they are disappearing from the marketplace.

According to industry statistics, eBook sales have skyrocketed in the last ten years because of improved eBook readers and ease of downloads. The Association of American Publishers estimates that physical book sales generated $24.3 billion in 2008, down 3% from 2007. Self-published and ghostwritten books, however, are increasing in number.

Here are 10 reasons why eBooks are the new paperbacks:

* eBook sales are growing exponentially.

* eBooks offer authors a much heftier royalty, making them more attractive to independent self-publishers

* eBooks are very cheap to buy; prices start at $.99.

* With today’s improved electronic readers, eBooks have the advantage of go-anywhere practicality and durability.

* Publishers are reluctantly embracing eBooks and may already be thinking about abandoning traditional paperback and hard cover divisions in favor of eBook production.

* EBooks are so cheap to mass produce-it’s as simple as copying a master computer file-that the relatively huge cost of printing paperbacks and hard cover books may no longer make sense.

* Kindle and iPad sales are skyrocketing as readers discover that their high purchase prices are still lower than the total cost of the many paperback books they will read.

* A younger generation, already accustomed to downloading and a digital world, will expect content in electronic form, just as their parents saw paperbacks as the avenue to cheaper content.

So if you’ve been reluctant to make the switch to eBooks, now’s the best time of all to give them a try and join the revolution.

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PDF ebook publishing Business Model – How to Guarantee Ebook Sales Success

It used to be that if wanted to make money as an author, you would have to go through a lengthy process of submitting your work, having it rejected, then trying it again. Even some best-selling authors had to make hundreds of submissions before their first manuscript was approved.

Because of this, some authors chose to pay for publishing themselves through a smaller book seller, but this was expensive. With the PDF ebook publishing business model, these things are no longer a problem. Now you can publish your own book, electronically, and there is no need to deal with publishers. It can also be done for very little money, making it easier than ever for anybody to write and publish a book. With that in mind, here is how to guarantee ebook sales success.

1. Get a PayPal account – If you don’t already have one, then sign up for a free PayPal account. PayPal is trusted by more people than any other payment processor, and a lot of people already have accounts there. This will make it convenient for them to buy your ebook. If a potential reader doesn’t have a PayPal account, they can still use their credit card to purchase your book. There are other payment processors out there, but many require a credit check, and charge higher set up and transaction fees than PayPal.

2. Sell on Amazon – Getting your ebook listed on Amazon.com is a must. It’s easy to do, too. Sign up at Amazon, then go to the Digital Text Platform so you can upload a digital copy of your ebook. Once you are done setting it up, your ebook will be available on Amazon; the world’s largest online book seller. In other words, you need be on Amazon if you want to guarantee ebook sales success.

3. Set up your own web page – Having a website of your own is vital. You can share excerpts from your ebook, set up an order page, and have people join your mailing list for updates. Setting up a blog is also a good idea. You can talk about your inspiration, discuss your current project, and mention just about anything else that readers may find interesting.

4. Interact with your audience – One of the great things about the PDF ebook publishing business model is that it makes it easy to interact with your readers. This will help them to spread the word about your ebook to their friends. It will also help you to sell more copies of new titles when they’re ready. At the very least you should be on Facebook and Twitter, and be sure to update often.

The next step? Get a good e-cover for your e-book. This will help you to get even more sales. It’s another example of something that used to be difficult, but that is no longer the case. Getting everything ready to promote your e-book can take quite a bit of time. And it seems time is the one luxury that we never have enough of. That’s why so many people are turning to easy e-covers to quickly increase their online profits.

Discover how easy it is for yourself at http://www.onlineebookcovers.com/ and notice what a difference it makes in how many copies you sell.

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Should You Charge Higher Prices For Your eBooks?

Pricing your eBooks can sometimes leave you unsure, particularly if you are a novice at the PDF ebook publishing business. You might find it hard to decide on the price range. A $7 to $15 price range is a safe bet and will ensure that you can profit from that price.

Nevertheless, you should not limit yourself to this alone. Oftentimes, you might find wondering if you could charge a higher price for your eBook. Indeed, you can charge higher prices for your eBooks. Higher prices do not mean overpricing your books. You are only setting the price based on the quality content and value that people will get from your books.

Do not be afraid to test for higher prices. For example, if you sell an eBook for $7, try moving the price to $9. You may find that the number of sales you make remains the same but your profits increase.

Further explained, despite the fact that your sales flow will remain constant, your earning will increase and you will get a higher profit because of the higher price you set for your books.

Many people will not mind a one or two dollar increase as long as they know that you are able to deliver their expectations through your books. Remember that because you are imparting your knowledge on your book, not to mention the hard work and love you put into it, you should be able to establish a price that fits the kind of books you produce.

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