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Home Recording Studio Guide – Learn To Record, Mix And Master.

The Home Recording Studio Guide – The Ultimate Guide to Recording, Mixing and Mastering your Music!

Pre Mastering vs. Audio Mastering – A Two Step Approach for Mastering your Music Perfectly Effectively

Step by Step Equalization Process – This Outlines the exact frequencies to cut and boost for Vocals, Guitar, Drums, Bass, Piano, and Midi Sounds

Buying Your Studio Gear Process – This section outlines the range of Home Studio gear available, with embedded links to Great Deals

Your recording enjoyment will skyrocket when you can record your own band and your own songs

I will Master your song within 48 hours, just send me a MP3 or CD of your latest hit, and I will give it the Professional Clear Radio Ready Sound Mastering that I usually charge $40.00 for.

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