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Red Wine For Beginners – Study Course.

The Red Wine For Beginners e-course is packed with absorbing and essential information for any wine enthusiast, designed to instruct and guide you without intimidating vocabulary or stuffy know-it-all preconceived attitudes about domestic wines, as well as wines from Australia, South Africa and Chil

Starting with an introduction and history to red wine, Part One explores the chemistry and composition of red wines, styles and even discusses the fundamentals of how we taste so that we are better able to appreciate our red wine

By the time you have completed this comprehensive e-course, you will be fully informed on how to tackle ordering wine form any wine list with complete personal authority .

If you’re ready to become your own personal authority on red wine and hold your head up high the next time a waiter hands you the wine list then download your Red Wine For Beginners e-course immediately (even if it’s 2 in the morning) and get started right away!

Have you ever wondered why it is that we are unwilling to allow someone to dictate our taste in music, art or fashion, or even which book is most appropriate for us to be reading at the moment, and yet at the same time we start panicking at the mere thought of selecting the right wine for a special occasion or – heaven forbid – being called upon to order a bottle from the wine list in a restaurant?

Picture yourself deciding how to choose the proper wine glasses, and being able to comprehend the intricacies of decanting, serving, and preserving an open bottle of your favorite red varieta

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