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E-Book Publishing Standards

The business of eBooks is booming and it is important to know how this affects the paper book industry and how commonly used publishing practices can be applied to electronic media. The problem is mostly one of perception. Anyone can write up something on the internet, call it an eBook, and sell it on the internet, which is an unfortunate thing for readers, writers, or publishers. If eBooks are to gain any sort of standing among printed books, the perception of eBooks needs to be one of a source of entertainment and information, instead of just a computer file.

Every book that has appeared in print has an ISBN (International Standard Book Numbering) designation. Each book has its own 10-digit ISBN code. The numbers in the code are separated into groups that identify it by country and publisher. It is the only data needed to identify a book in most bookstores. It will always be a unique identifier, since it is never used again once issued to a book.

The reason this sort of designation is important is because it is known and trusted in the publishing world. For eBooks to gain the same level of trust that printed books enjoy, along with a higher market share, they should voluntarily adopt standards similar to those the paper book publishers employ.

Paper books will be around forever, more than likely. People are used to them and they are easier to deal with in many respects. They follow a familiar pattern – front cover, back cover, certain pages before the actual text of the book begins, and so forth. EBooks that wish to be accepted like paper books need to follow this standard as well. The closer the resemblance to paper books, the better.

A book that is printed starts with a manuscript. This manuscript is sent to a publisher and goes through a strenuous editing process before it is finally printed. All the books in the bookstore have been through this process. EBooks suffer because they do not necessarily have to go through the same steps that a printed book must travel. Digital books need to set that same standard in order to achieve acceptance and escape the impression of being amateur work.

Standards in book publication also include standards in marketing. Before purchasing a physical book, a reader can browse it, examine the format and style, and see if it is appealing or not. An eBook can establish that same feeling by using some standards of display.

Most eBooks only allow a browser to see the title and author, or just a table of contents, or just a limited excerpt. That does not show how the book will look. The readers cannot even see what they are buying. No one will buy a book like that, especially if it is the same price as a printed book.

It is to the benefit of all eBook writers and publishers to adhere to certain voluntary standards of eBook publication. It has to be voluntary, because willing participation is vital for eBook publication to reach the prestige it deserves.

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PDF ebook publishing – The Cheapest, Easiest Way to Publish Your Own Books

There are many common routes that people take when they consider PDF ebook publishing. Some people will rely on the services of ebook based publishers whereas others will seek out directions on how to publish an ebook on their own. While there are upsides and downsides to both of these measures, one of the biggest benefits of publishing an ebook on your own, is that you will be in complete creative control of your work.

The first thing you should do is invest in ebook writing and formatting software. There are numerous ebook writing programs available on the World Wide Web and at your local computer store. Many of these programs come with a free trial period that allows you to use the program to assure that it is what you are looking for.

Once you have completed the writing of your ebook and have formatted it properly using an ebook software program, you will then need to learn how to publish an ebook. Most people will turn to an ebook publisher. They will submit their ebooks to multiple publishers according to their submission deadlines and then will wait for acceptance.

The majority of ebook publishers allow you to publish your ebook on multiple websites. This is great news if you are trying to gain exposure for your book and are looking to make money. This is by and far the simplest and easiest manner in which you can go about publishing your ebook. Keep in mind that attempting to start your own PDF ebook publishing company can be complex and time-consuming in the beginning but the pay-off is really worth it.

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