Twitter Rockstar.

If you know you need to use Twitter, but you aren’t sure how you can use Twitter to leverage your brand , then Twitter Rockstar is for yo

I didn’t see the point in sharing my daily activities with people, especially if I didn’t have any followers and I didn’t really follow anyone else.

Then, you’ll learn how to find people to follow and get them to follow you back.

Bonus Module: Twitter philosophy MP3, Twitter Processes and Tactics Mindmaps, and 2 bonus videos to help you measure Twitter influence!

I’ve exhausted every single Twitter resource I know of to make sure that I didn’t leave out a single thing!

Module 2: Rockstar Twitter Tools: This portion of the course consists of a 20 page PDF and a 35 minute video that teaches you how to infuse Twitter into your blog so that you can enable your community to do your work for yo

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