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How to rotate pages in PDF file?

step 1
step 1
Upload your file to our Rotate PDF pages service.
step 2
step 2
Select the pages you want to rotate and then choose the desired rotation direction using the rotation option. If necessary, use the select option by page orientation to select multiple files.
step 3
step 3
Click 'Rotate pages' red button and then download the PDF file on your device.

Why rotate PDF files?

Are you looking to rotate PDF files? There are various tools you can use to flip any PDF file to the desired orientation. Here are four reasons why you may want to rotate a PDF.

  • Change Orientation – If you have pages scanned horizontally, you can use the rotate PDF files feature to get a vertical orientation that makes the document easier to read.
  • Fit the Margin – Some tables and images are too large to fit within the margin in their original orientation. The rotate feature can rotate the elements to fit within the margins.
  • For Printing Reasons – You can rotate a PDF file if you want to print files to a horizontal or vertical booklet, for instance, when working with A1 and A2 pages.
  • For Web Uploads – If you are required to upload a file in a specific orientation, you’ll need to rotate your documents to align with the site’s requirements.

How to rotate PDFs online

Rotating PDF files shouldn’t be a problem. There are many tools and several ways to flip PDFs into all sorts of angles. Some tools are free, others are premium. You can also use downloadable software or an online service, but the best solution is the 2PDF online service, which lets you edit files for free. Here’s how to rotate PDF online using 2PDF.

  1. Launch the Rotation Tool – 2PDF has many PDF tools. You can click on All Tools to choose the PDF rotation option or find it from the homepage list. The tool will open in a new page where you can complete rotation.
  2. Upload PDF File – On the new page that opens, click on Choose File and select a PDF file from your device. You can also drag and drop files directly onto the upload space provided.
  3. Rotate Your Files – Once the document is uploaded, you can select the pages you want to rotate, then click on Rotate PDF Pages. You can choose the direction of rotation, and the process will take a few seconds, after which you can download the rotated PDF.

Benefits of using 2PDF for PDF rotation

2PDF is a handy utility that enables you to transform images and scanned documents into searchable and editable PDF, Word, Excel, and other text formats. Here are five advantages of utilizing 2PDF for OCR:

  • Free – 2PDF is a complimentary tool, allowing you to OCR your PDF files without any cost.
  • Instant – The tool provides on-the-spot conversions accessible whenever and wherever you need them.
  • Fast – 2PDF swiftly changes PDFs into searchable, OCR-enhanced files in just seconds.
  • Easy – The procedure is straightforward: upload, choose language, convert, and download.
  • Convenient – You have the option to upload files from your computer, phone, Dropbox, Google Drive, or simply drag and drop them.

How many files can be rotated?

2PDF is a completely free tool with no limits on the number of PDF pages or files you can rotate in a day. The service enables you to work with one uploaded file at a time, and that's the only limitation. You can rotate one page, multiple pages, or all pages in the file at once.

How does it work?

When seeking to understand how to split pages in a PDF, you'll likely need to learn how to merge, extract, rotate, compress, and OCR PDF files. 2PDF is a comprehensive suite of tools designed to simplify PDF file processing. Here are two tools you may need at some point:

  • Merge PDF – Splitting files enables you to obtain specific sections of the document or separate it into smaller portions. Conversely, merging combines two or more individual files to create a single, larger PDF document.
  • Compress PDF – If your goal in splitting files is to reduce their size or save space, compression is a superior alternative. Compression retains all the information in the file while minimizing its size.

Other 2PDF tools to pay attention to

2PDF offers a variety of tools beyond just rotating PDF files. This online service is dedicated to editing and manipulating PDF files, allowing you to complete various processes, including format conversions. Whether you need to split a large file into smaller sections or merge scanned documents into a single file, this website has all the tools you need. Here are two important services you might find useful:

  • Convert PDF – With 2PDF, you can convert files into PDF or other formats such as JPG, PNG, Word, Excel, and PPT, among others. You can also convert other file formats to PDF.
  • PDF OCR – The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) tool is what you need to make PDF files readable and searchable. You can use OCR to make your PDF pages searchable by standard tools in Microsoft Word and other software.

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How to use
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