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How to merge PDF files?

step 1
step 1
Upload your file to our Merge PDF service.
step 2
step 2
Add more files to the Merge PDF service and adjust the page ranges in each file if needed.
step 3
step 3
Click the 'Merge PDF' red button and then download the merged PDF file to your device.

Why merge PDF files?

If you frequently work with scanned images and PDFs, you may need to combine two or more files at some point. Here are three reasons why you might want to combine PDFs into one file.

  • Easy Sorting – Having multiple PDF files can make sorting a tedious task. Combining them into one document makes sorting easy and efficient.
  • Tracking and Storage – Instead of tracking multiple files, you can have all the information in one big file. This makes it easier to browse and manage your files.
  • Different Inputs – If you have multiple files from different sources, such as scanned documents, handwritten material, photographs, and printed files, merging them into one document helps organize them better.

How to combine PDFs into one

If you need to combine two PDF files into one, there are several options available. You can choose to install desktop software and purchase a premium version, or simply use the free online service provided by 2PDF. Here are the steps to follow when merging PDF files using 2PDF:

  • Select the Merge PDF Tool – 2PDF offers a range of tools for converting, OCR, merging, splitting, password protecting, unlocking, and rotating PDFs. Simply click on "All tools" from the main menu at the top of the homepage and select Merge PDF.
  • Upload Your Files – In the window that appears, you can either select files from your browser or drag and drop them directly. Once your first file is uploaded, you can add more files that you want to combine with the first. You can sort and shuffle the files as you wish.
  • Merge The Files – If everything is good to go, click on the red button to merge the PDFs. The process only takes a few seconds and allows you to download the merged file when finished.

Benefits of using 2PDF Merge service

2PDF offers a complete range of tools that you can use to process various types of files. The merge service, in particular, is extremely useful when you need to combine PDF files. Here are the benefits of using 2PDF Merge service:

  • Free - Unlike other expensive paid tools, 2PDF offers free file processors, so you can merge many PDF files without paying a fee.
  • Online - You don't need to download or install any apps or extensions. Simply go to the 2PDF official site and select Merge PDF.
  • Convenient - You can merge as many PDF files as you want at any time. All you need is a smartphone, tablet/iPad, or computer.
  • Fast Process - 2PDF merge service takes only a few seconds at most, depending on the volume of files you want to merge.

What files can be merged?

When your goal is to consolidate PDFs into a single document, merging is the most effective method. Nonetheless, PDFs can be compatible with over 100 distinct formats. If your file isn't supported for any reason, you can use 2PDF to convert it to a standard PDF version before starting the merging process. You can combine various files such as JPG, PNG, Excel, Word, PPT, and more. Just remember to merge them into a PDF.

How many files can be merged?

While some merging tools may have limitations on the number of files you can merge, both 2PDF and premium tools typically do not have such limits. Once you upload your first file, you can add as many files as you need to create your merged document. However, there is a limit to the file size you can download at once, which should not be an issue unless you are attempting to merge an exceptionally large number of files. 2PDF is capable of handling multiple files, so you should have no trouble merging as many files as you need.

How does it work?

When it comes to merging files, the process doesn't require advanced software or techniques such as optical character recognition. Essentially, it's about adding more pages to an existing document. Once you upload the first PDF, the tool will begin the preprocessing phase, reading the format and adjusting margins as necessary. The same process will occur when uploading subsequent files, which will be optimized to fit within the margins of the initial document. Once all files are uploaded, you can rearrange the pages to ensure the final document is well-organized.

Deleting and reordering pages

When you are looking to combine PDF files, you may also want to consider deleting some of the pages that are not needed. This can help to make the final document more organized and streamlined. Here are three options for deleting and reordering PDF pages:

  • 2PDF Delete Pages Tool – With this tool, you can upload a file and easily choose the pages that you want to delete.
  • 2PDF Organize Pages Tool – If you want to keep all of the pages but put them in a different order, use the Organize PDF Pages tool. You can arrange the pages in any sequence that you wish by dragging and dropping their thumbnails.
  • Split PDF – If you change your mind about a merge process, you can always undo it using the Split PDF Tool. Simply upload the merged file and split it back into its original pages in just a few seconds.

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